Work Health & Safety

Prioritising Well-being in Your Workplace

Safety isn't just about equipment and regulations; it's about the people. At LUNA, our commitment to Work Health & Safety ensures that everyone, from staff to visitors, experiences a secure and nurturing environment.

If you value the well-being of all individuals on your premises and aim to be compliant while fostering a culture of safety, LUNA is the partner you've been looking for.

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Safety Comes First, Always

Our Approach

Safety isn’t static; it's a continuous effort. At LUNA, we don’t just follow best practices in Work Health & Safety; we aim to define them. Through continuous improvement and dedication, we endeavor to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses every day.

Awareness & Accountability: Making sure every worker knows their safety responsibilities and upholding them.
Regulatory Compliance: Abiding by the Work Health and Safety Act, Regulation 2011, and relevant Australian Standards.
Proactive Risk Management: Integrating safety risk management as an essential aspect of our business operations
Safe Systems & Resources: Ensuring work environments, equipment, and processes are consistently safe and risk-free.
Continuous Training: Providing necessary training and resources for effective WHS implementation.
Regular Monitoring: Keeping a close watch on LUNA-managed spaces, from Strata Buildings to Commercial Offices, to prevent potential harm.
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Why Choose LUNA?
DedicationAn unwavering commitment to staff, visitors, and workplaces we manage.
ExpertiseWe hold ourselves to the highest WHS management standards.
TrainingContinuously equipping our team with the latest in safety practices.
InclusivityWe ensure safety across varied environments, from retail centres to offices.

Safety is a shared responsibility. Partner with LUNA today and elevate your workplace's health and safety standards.

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