We are socially responsible for our future kids



greater social responsibility for our future kids due to the negative impact people within buildings can cause, we stand proud of our company policy.

Sustainable or green buildings are defined by the Green Building Council of Australia as a building that incorporates design, construction and operational practices that significantly reduce or eliminate its negative impact on the environment and its occupants. A sustainable building not only uses resources efficiently but creates healthier environments for people to live and work in.

LUNA Building Managers live and breathe in the act of minimising our ecological footprint of our operations on the environment by pursuing environmentally sustainable practices which include:

  • Complying with legal and other commitments and agreements relating to environmental management;
  • Actively promote and encourage the adoption of ecologically sustainable work practices and operations;
  • Preventing the pollution of the environment as a result of our work practices and operations;
  • Continually improving performance and find opportunities for environmentally positive contribution;
  • Use materials and resources efficiently; and
  • Favour the purchasing of more sustainable goods and services where possible and within reasonable cost.

At LUNA, our Building Managers go beyond their workplaces by choosing environmentally friendly options at home like;

reducing the consumption of water; reuse and recycle, where possible, minimise waste-to-landfill; minimising energy use where possible; and making environmentally responsible travel decisions