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Tired of escalating costs, wasting time
on admin and having to repeat yourself?

Are you part of a strata committee that’s dealing with building headaches? Poor building management can lead to all sorts of headaches like higher maintenance costs, lower profits, unhappy tenants and much more.

But what if instead, you had someone with proven experience that took everything off your hands, reduced your overheads, streamlined operations, minimised risk, kept tenants happy and boosted your property’s value? How much easier would your life be?

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We create homes that
tenants and owners rave
about with seamless
building management.
LUNA provides lean and agile building management that aligns with the vision of the Strata Committee and Owners Corporation. When you work with us you will have a highly skilled team with an incredibly efficient maintenance plan that keeps levies at a desired and predictable level.

After switching to LUNA our clients experience the difference in a matter of days. The only problem they have is they didn’t switch to us sooner.
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Reduce Costs

Reduce repairs and avoidable errors with a proactive team that solves problems before they happen.

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Remove Inefficiencies

Remove bottlenecks and streamline operations with cost-effective options that prolong the life of your asset.

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Keep Residents Happy

Keep tenants happy and informed with regular communication, friendly support and fast responses to questions.

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What Else You Can Look Forward To
  • Improved contractor productivity and engagement.
  • Avoidance of enforcement penalties and shut-downs.
  • Improved appearance, amenity and functionality.
  • Reduction in temporary services and call out costs.
  • Successful service contract price negotiations.
  • Maximised asset value and a boost in net ROI.

"Easily the best building
managers I’ve worked with."

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Rated 4.9 out of 5
by 100+ customers

What Makes LUNA The Best Option?

An Elite Team

Our team is made up proactive high achievers, backed by a support team that takes care of the admin so we can focus on taking care of the building.

Systems & Technology

We have incredibly efficient systems that allow us to manage buildings with an unmatched level of accuracy and consistency, whilst also saving you money.

Small Building Specialists

We are experts in helping smaller boutique buildings that don’t need a full-time building manager but still want premium service that doesn’t break the bank.

A Fresh Approach

Gone are the old days where mediocrity is expected. We are the future of building management with transparent, authentic and forward-thinking service.

Everything You Need Under One Roof

We give you the support you need to achieve your vision and create a positive community. We do this by ensuring your building is properly maintained and providing cost-effective options that prolong the life of your assets.

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Your mission is our mission.

No two buildings are the same, and we take the time to understand your mission and your situation. What is the problem? How can we solve it? How long will it take? What other cost effective options are there? These are the kinds of questions we ask to make sure you and everyone involved in your building are poperly taken care of.

In an industry that still has a lot of old-school thinking, we bring a fresh, energetic and exciting approach to building management that focuses on community and innovation. Clients can feel the difference in a matter of days — we invite you to call any of them and ask them yourself!

Building Management FAQ

What services does LUNA Building Management Company provide for a strata plan?
@ Luna we offer clients a flexible range of Facilities & Building Management, whether it be for Full Time, PartTime or just a few hours. Other offerings include Project Management, Cleaning, Gardening Handyman solutions.
What kind of experience does LUNA have in managing strata properties similar to ours?
@ Luna has dedicated over 8 years of hands-on experience in managing sites as little as 2 lots to 300 lots, No matter the size we have a team strong enough to provide advise and dedicated support. We provide ongoing training, development and with help from expert specialists such as qualified engineers and consultants all this to ensure your property is well managed with expert care and ability. In addition we also try to match the best manager for each site, we want our team to feel at home, we treat all properties managed by LUNA as though it were our property, we engage with the right person or company to ensure you are provided with accurate and expert advice.
How does LUNA handle emergency situations or unexpected property issues? Is there a 24/7 emergency line?
We run and scream!
No seriously, our after hours support team will be able to assist in identifying emergencies and can guide owners / residents if they need to have the matter directed to the manager. After hours help is available for Lift Breakdowns, water leaks etc.
What are the qualifications and experience of the staff that would be managing our property?
Our team of managers comes with a large range of skills, years of experience and industry qualifications. Some include, trade background be it in building, plumbing, electrical, fire, strata management, all these are areas are ingrained within our team, and we equally share this knowledge to expand on the skills of the onsite manager. We also have our highly skilled managers support one on one to ensure full confidence in the team managing the property.
How does LUNA communicate with strata committees and owners? How frequently can we expect updates about our property?
We communicate in a variety of pathways, via email, in person, through meetings or on the phone. Whichever method is preferred our adaptive team will make it work for you. Our reporting models are also adaptable, we can provide a simply "snap shot" in the form of an emailed weekly summary or if a more detailed report is required these can be easily produced from the BMS (Building Management Software), if more detail is required these can be discussed and issued as part of a monthly operation overview, all of which suitable to be included in the Strata Records.
Can you explain the fee structure for your services? Are there any hidden or additional costs we should be aware of?
Our fees are determined by the number of hours required for each site at a fixed hourly rate. All our fee proposals are broken down and itemised so that customers have full clarity of our fee schedule before we are appointed, so nothing is hidden.
How does LUNA handle maintenance and repairs? Do you have preferred vendors or do you source competitive bids?
We have a fully vetted team of service providers that are licensed and insured, if the Owners have their own preferred trades person we fully vet them and add them into the system, we are also completely transparent about the quoting process and will ensure the best outcome is provided, it not always about the price, we look at the warranty , lifespan and type of product ensuring its fit purpose. A summary report is issued to the VCommittee for approval if it exceeds the limit approval for LUNA. We will also aim to get 2 or 3 quotes for complete peace of mind.
How is LUNA staying up-to-date with the latest building technologies and sustainability practices in the strata management industry?
The same approach for industry changes and development apply similar to to training with our team, we approach and get expert advice from industry consultants, building professionals and engage with community bodies and relevant associations to ensure we are up on all the latest changes in the field, we are always striving to be the industry leader in innovation and promote positive impact on community living, management and infrastructure advancements.
Can you explain your process for transitioning from our current building management company to LUNA?
We complete a comprehensive handover with the existing company and obtain all relevant documents that are available to us. From here we then spend up to 3 weeks onboarding the site into the LUNA way of operating, which is also done by the Managing Director himself. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that your assets are protected and the building operations continue smoothly.

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If you are switching building managers, we can provide a hassle-free transition, and make sure no critical information is lost during the change in management.

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