Executive Cleaning

Unparalleled Standards In Executive Cleaning

Navigating today's business world requires a clear focus, and so does maintaining a pristine facility. At LUNA, we've elevated commercial cleaning to an art, ensuring that your environment is not just clean, but truly invigorating.

Our skilled cleaning team recognises the impact of a spotless environment on productivity and morale. Every swipe, every polish, every vacuumed corner is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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Elevating Every Experience With Tailored Concierge Support

Our Executive Cleaning Services

In essence, LUNA's Cleaning Services is more than just about cleaning. It’s about ensuring your facility exudes a positive aura, enhancing every interaction and every business move you make.

Comprehensive CleaningFrom basic tasks like sweeping, mopping, and dusting to intricate detailing and polishing.
Specialised ServicesMechanical scrubbing, high-pressure machinery usage, steam cleaning, and graffiti removal.
Glass and Facade DetailingMake a great first impression with spotless windows and meticulously cleaned facades.
Post-ConstructionBringing the shine back after intensive building works have been conducted.
Infrastructure MonitoringReporting dysfunctional fixtures, like malfunctioning light globes, to ensure seamless operations.
WHS Standard AdherenceOnly using pre-mixed chemical cleaners that meet WHS standards and maintain complete Safety Data Sheets.
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Why Choose LUNA?
ExpertiseTrained in diverse environments, we ensure every nook and corner shines.
Proactivity & PassionWe anticipate your needs and address them with enthusiasm.
Premium QualityEvery clean is of the highest standard, so no need for follow-ups or fixes.
Safety FirstAll our processes align with stringent WHS standards, guaranteeing safety without compromising on cleanliness.

Transform your workspace with LUNA's executive cleaning touch and witness the difference a truly clean environment can make to your business.

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