Our Four Pillars

The Building Management Company that creates a home for all people beyond your front door.

Our Four Pillars

We consistently act ethically and authentically that supports our strong leadership and business standards.
We like straight talk. Honest feedback with our team members, customers and service providers is invaluable to building trust.
We are committed to keeping people safe and are proud or our positive safety culture with a vision for a zero harm environment.
We take ownership of the decisions we make and are accountable for our actions. We always look to resolving any problem that arises with a proactive approach.

Our Principles

  • We work hard to earn and keep customer trust
  • Never sacrifice long-term values for short-term results
  • We take our work seriously by developing and hiring exceptional talent
  • Maintain high standards in the delivery of our services and processes
  • We think outside the box to look for other ways to be of service
  • Insist on stewardship and frugality which breeds resourcefulness

"Our commitment is to create a long-term trustworthy company for our customers and employees by fostering a greater encouragement towards total wellbeing within our diverse community and provide a positive impact to others in need."


Why We Exist

I commenced a career digging trenches as a plumber in the building construction industry back in 1995 and continue to hold a contractors licence for plumbing, drainage, roofing, gas-fitting and LP. From 2001, I worked as a hydraulic consultant, heating and gas engineer, and ran operations in several companies across different service industries, all of which have been a springboard into a career in Building & Facilities Management. Along with my passion to serve others, I realised my 20-year history of being involved in the building and construction industry gave me the experience required to care for buildings and its assets within.

I'm a firm believer of clear and honest communication to both employees and customers and I demonstrate care and enthusiasm in everything I do. I have a passion for service and strive to make a difference in the community. With a view to creating positive change, I have a personal commitment in demonstrating that “people do matter”. I'm very proud of LUNA and what it s

Dino Biordi

Managing Director