Facilities Management



Coordinating people, space, and infrastructure to help your business flow



Our Facilities Management services extend to the administration of Retail Centres, Office Blocks, Schools, Universities, Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities. We successfully maintain, develop, support and improve our customer's primary activity spaces to preserve optimal presence, continued workflow, and safe environments.

Todays' Facility Manager is expected to operate at different levels:

Level 1. End-to End user experience

Assisting our client's and their customers right through to the end user. We minimise risk by helping with the decision-making process that improves workspaces, delivery of services (communications, water, power, etc.) and project-associated costs.

Level 2. Day-to-day operations

Proactive and optimal applications are applied to all aspects of the buildings' facilities to create a cost efficient and safe environment. Buildings are always exposed to the elements. They provide work spaces and services required for productive people. We leave no stone unturned to enable smooth operations and ensure that regulatory building compliance certificates are always maintained.

LUNA facilities managers are competent in areas of:


  • Human awareness
  • Business Continuity
  • Pragmatic processes
  • Clear communication
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Stewardship across expenditure, business, and environment
  • Integrated operational maintenance through leadership
  • End to End Project Management

Our number one priority is keeping buildings safe and people alive.