Are you tired of feeling like nothing gets done in your building?

Whether it’s commercial, retail or residential — efficiently managing your building is a critically important job. Inefficiency, complacency or poor management can lead to in higher maintenance costs, lower profits, unhappy tenants, wasted time, higher staff turnover and a negative brand reputation. To protect your asset, minimise expenses and streamline your daily operations you need a proactive building management team like LUNA.

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"Easily the best building
managers I’ve worked with."

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LUNA gives you the reliability, support, technology and community that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

We improve your building by focusing on proactive maintenance that reduces operating costs, minimises risks, and boosts your asset’s value. Our team is experienced and tech savvy with a level of professionlism that is unmatched. After switching to LUNA our clients experience the difference in a matter of days — the only problem they have is they didn’t switch to us sooner.

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Proactive Management

Get a team that plans ahead and solves problems before they happen to make your life much easier.

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Reduce Operating Costs

Find inefficiencies in your operations and have your asset looked after to reduce repairs and avoidable errors.

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Boost Asset Value

Improve your profitability, tenant satisfaction and brand reputation which boosts your building’s value.

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What Our Building Managers Provide

Building Management

Strategic and tactical maintenance to ensure optimal operations of all your building management’s systems. We create a productive, safe and affordable environment to run your building smoothly.

Fire Services

Keep personnel safe with evacuation plans, training, maintenance and testing of fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, occupant warning systems, exit lights and preparing your annual fire safety statement.


Keep your property safe with fully featured access control systems, our proper capturing and monitoring of CCTV, control access to selected areas and plant rooms within a development and more.

Workplace Health & Safety

Prioritise the health, safety, and well being of your staff and visitors. We regularly update owners and occupants with safety initiatives, and manage all construction works to ensure everyone on your site has completed proper safety training.


We support the Smart Green Apartments program, which offers independent consultants to assess your building's energy and water performance to provide suggestions for reducing cost, consumption, and environmental footprint.

Asset Handover

We provide a hassle-free transition from your old building manager to our team. We are skilled at performing a full audit of your building and its operations, and make sure no critical information is lost during the change in management.

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What makes LUNA different?

  Support — Support and reliability you simply cannot get from any other building management company.

  Transparency — Know exactly what’s going on, where your money is going and what’s happening next.

  Systems — Streamlined workflows to work faster and smarter without compromising customer service.

  Technology — Cutting edge technology to give you advanced insights and keep you ahead of the curve.

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