What is a Building Manager?

Posted by Dino Biordi

A Building Manager oversees the safety, security and maintenance of designated properties and ensures that these properties comply with all applicable regulations. A Building Manager is also known as a Facilities Manager, Caretaker or Resident Manager. They are assisting the Owners Corporation with managing the common property, controlling the use of the common property by non-residents, arranging the maintenance and repair of common property.

The role of Building Managers is not as easy as it encompasses so many facets of skills. They are spending much of their time preserving and protecting the building and the living conditions of the residents. Their day to day roles includes:

  • Managing goods and services within the common property areas; including the cleaning, pest control, waste disposal, lifts, gate and door maintenance, plumbing, electrical and hydraulics, security, gardening, ventilation maintenance, emergency equipment, fire safety and fire safety certification, Work Health and safety audits, engineering and building consultancy services.
  • Keep and file accurate records of invoices
  • Co-ordinate people moving in and out of the building and minimise damage and inconvenience to residents
  • Manage upkeep of notice boards and notices placed throughout the building
  • Establish and maintain all service records for all service providers, i.e. lift maintenance, fire services, air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical, recreational facilities and any others
  • Establish and maintain a preventative maintenance and repair schedule for all plant and equipment
  • Assist in preparation of the budgets and Capital Works fund
  • Ensure all fire safety equipment is operative and complies with Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS)
  • Inspect all the common property regularly
  • Supervise the common property following the rules and regulations of the scheme
  • Undertake an annual audit review of all pets, bicycles, cars, key fobs and occupancy
  • Ensure cleanliness and responsible for waste management

When Building Managers work closely with the Strata Manager, they can set accurate budgets each year. The Building Manager invites service contractors to tender on the various maintenance needed to keep the property in good condition, which also helps determine the budget. In response to the tender, the Strata Manager executes maintenance agreements for cleaning, fire services, garden maintenance, abseiling, facade maintenance, security, hot water systems, greywater, air conditioning, lifts and more.

In managing a project, the Building Manager would assist with developing a business case and circulating it to the Strata Committee, who then put it to the Owners Corporation for recommendation or approval. Once the project is approved, the Building Manager makes sure that it will be delivered risk-free through adequate preparation, communications, methodology, safety and risk assessment.

A good planner and problem solver are what makes for a good Building Manager. Keeping cool under pressure is a must. A good Building Manager has excellent people skills, presents their ideas clearly, measure the opinions of others while maintaining harmony throughout a community. They need thorough knowledge and buildings orientation, be able to maintain high standards and have a good head for business. It is also extremely beneficial, having a dependable Building Manager, which builds trust and provides peace of mind.