Not Just Your Average Building Management Company

Posted by Dino Biordi

The Conscious Building Manager

LUNA was founded on the commitment to do right by people, communities, and the future of buildings. As Managing Director, my optimism for a bright future is what inspired me to cultivate a team of Building and Facilities Managers keen to add value to these three elements.

At LUNA, we believe that a well run, valued-centred business not only improves the experience for its customers, it can potentially influence the thoughts and behaviours of those within its reach to benefit the wider community, and ultimately, society as a whole. The aim with LUNA was to create a business that was going to make a positive difference to people, their homes, and their investments - not just for the present - for the entirety of their existence.

While visiting the States recently, I came across the popular Whole Foods franchise, (I recommend reading ‘Conscious Capitalism’ by Whole Foods Market cofounder John Mackey). Here was a business where the objectives were both relevant and of value to all that chose to engage with it, and their philosophy also resonated strongly within me:

“A force that enhances the health and wellbeing of all. A company that will outgrow me.”:

With the Australian population projected to double to 46 million by 2075, we will need to shift radically the way we relate to each other and the earth. Approval for high-density urbanisation is on the rise with predictions by 2040 that half the population will be living in strata buildings. In the very near future, I believe we will see super structures that support truly sustainable living systems.

For the modern day building, solutions in creating “synergies” between energy efficiency, comfort, safety, and security are paramount.

We feel too many businesses today are self-serving and have lost their identity, occasionally resorting to unethical behaviour. We understand good business to be based on the cooperation of voluntary exchange, not exploitation and coercion. It’s not just a mindset to be less harmful to the environment, or just to become carbon neutral, but a business of healing our environment and adding value through every transaction we make.

If Owners and Executive Committees can place their trust wholeheartedly in their Building and Facilities Managers, then this enables them to be confident that their homes and investments are being protected. In doing what we feel is best for our customers, LUNA recruits people who share the same values, the same vision, and the same beliefs. We offer people an opportunity to join LUNA to shape the industry by adopting a value-centred perspective in their operations and to commit to something they believe in.

People often ask: “What is it that LUNA does differently?” Yes, we satisfy our customers regarding their needs and wants; however, we also look at ways to educate our customers and help them make better-informed choices. We willingly arm our customers with industry knowledge because we want what is good for them, thus giving them the freedom to choose what is or isn’t good for their community. If you do your job well, in time the Executive Committee will also make better choices. One thing we never forget – it’s our customers who are in charge, and we must work to serve them. We put our customer's interests ahead of our own and aim to communicate honestly and with transparency. Here at LUNA we understand that “customers are not consumers, they are human beings whom it’s a privilege to serve”.

In order to treat our customers well, we understand that we need to do the same with our own team, and LUNA management commit to mentoring and inspiring staff in order to achieve company objectives. Our leaders are encouraged to be transparent and share leadership duties with fellow staff to build team rapport and to give staff ownership over business operations. These actions build a culture of loyalty amongst staff members who are passionate to serve others, are confident in their roles, and who find joy in what they do.

LUNA also strives to be the best in the business regarding relations with service providers (contractors). Subsequently, we attract the best service providers who wish to team with us. We understand the needs of service providers - we ensure that they are a viable business that creates valuable long-term relationships in their own dealings, and treat them with the respect they deserve. By developing stronger, long-term relationships with service providers, our customers receive better value and greater protection. LUNA operates as a progressive company with a dynamic team; however, we remain old-fashioned when it comes to sticking to our core values of Integrity, Honesty, Responsibility, and Safety.

Our team display great care and consideration for the work we do. We feel privileged to have an opportunity to serve our customers, and we at LUNA are proud to be a company who commits to enabling and encouraging our customer’s communities to flourish through the services we provide.

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  • By-law breaches
  • Visitor carpark abuse
  • Unapproved move ins/outs
  • Misuse of ground facilities i.e. pools and gyms
  • General damage to common property (e.g. by deterring those with malicious intent)
  • Unnecessary costs of repair
  • Operational costs

Communities should feel safe living in their homes within Strata Buildings. The positive effect of prioritising safety and security is that residents and communities feel protected. This reduces stress and makes for a happier existence for all.

Heightened security systems also build on your initial investment. Surveys have shown that Strata Buildings offering solid security are perceived by potential buyers’ as being safe, which is a significant contributing factor in them deciding where to purchase and live. It can also means longer tenures for tenants and ultimately better returns on rental properties.

Residents living in a secure Strata Building are constantly reminded of the advantages. When crime, violence, and abuse of common property drops, the vibe of that community becomes more positive, and people play a more active role in looking out for one another. Providing a safe space is the number one priority, but the spin-offs can be just as important when considering the protection of assets and wellbeing of all tenants.

Having insufficient, outdated, malfunctioning, or no CCTV whatsoever is like forgetting to install a lock on the front door on your apartment. Protect your investment and community by prioritising security in your Strata Building so that you can call your apartment ‘home’.