Beyond Building Management

Posted by Dino Biordi

More than Just A Caretaker Service

What do you think about when someone mentions building management? Maybe a frosty old caretaker, wielding a mop and a set of a hundred keys on his belt or a stern-looking security guard sitting on reception at the dead of night.

Luckily these outdated images of modern building management companies have become a thing of the past in the last decade or so.

Modern building management companies all over the world, and also here in Sydney, have now developed a community protection system. A community protection system is deeply concerned with caring adequately for the needs of people, alongside apartment buildings, aged care facilities, and a wealth of buildings and properties used for business purposes.

In this article, we look at how Building Management Companies in Australia are moving with the times and putting people at the heart of their business.

Let's start by looking at the short answer as to why building management companies are more than just caretakers.

What does a modern building management company do? 

  • Protects your home and workspace
  • Uses innovative security solutions
  • Uses proactive operational management
  • Communicates effectively
  • Puts people first
  • Protects communities

We've now seen the short answer as to how building management companies are now creating a whole rounded protection experience. Next, let's take a closer look at how LUNA management is leading the way in Sydney Building Management.

Protecting your home space

According to a survey by, there were an incredible 225,900 recorded burglaries in Australia or one every 3 minutes recorded in 2017.

We understand that you need to protect your investment. Therefore it's crucial to know how important for apartment and building owners have absolute trust in us and our services.

Home protection can mean making sure your doors, windows, and locks are super secure. LUNA Management creates whole bespoke security systems all the way through to our management services, which have been created purely for your home in mind.

We always think outside the box to make sure you have peace of mind that your home is as safe as can be at all times of the day and night.

Here at LUNA, we understand the protection of your family and loved ones is paramount. We make sure we have your welfare at the heart of everything we do by hiring exceptional staff. We are at your service day and night and always work really hard to earn and keep the trust of our customers, who are right at the heart of what we do.

'Our specialist team are always on hand to walk you through our process, step by step and put your mind at rest. Your family and investment are safe and secure.'

We pride ourselves on our outstanding organisational skills. The planning ensures we move swiftly and timely to cope with any situations you may find yourselves in within your home environment.

Now we've seen how we are committed to protecting your home and the people you care about. Let's now take a look at how we are at the forefront of Building Management here in Sydney.

Using an innovative security solution

We know how quickly technology is moving. Our team also realise that to remain leaders of Building Management in Sydney, we ensure all our equipment systems are the latest in the industry.

Security is so important to everyone. Whether you are a homeowner or owner of a business, we know it's crucial to not be at the mercy of old or outdated equipment and systems.

Making sure we are keeping up with the trends and innovations in security solutions is extremely important to us. We make sure that our products and systems are at the cutting edge of security technology and are always moving forward. The LUNA team, work with the leaders, movers and shakers in our industry to keep fresh and relevant.

'Here at Luna Management, we understand it is crucial to not be at the mercy of old or outdated equipment and systems.'

Keeping up with the new innovations in our industry is one of our most important missions. We can now take a look at how our operational management is crucial to us.

Proactive operational management 

We pride ourselves at LUNA on our exceptional service and how our team are always working to improve your experience. Let's take a look below at precisely what proactive management is.

What is proactive operational management? 

Being proactive means, we are the kind of company that gets things done and don't wait until things break. Making things happen rather than being reactive is one of the keys to our success as one of Sydney's Building Management authorities. We are always ready to help you before something happens. We do not wait for situations to unfold before we react. We already have the answer.

Making sure our customers understand one of our most important values is deeply important to us. Now let's take a look below at the importance of excellent communication when dealing with all your building management needs here in Sydney.

Outstanding communication

We know your home or business premise matter. Therefore, communication between our experienced staff and customers must be the most effective it can be.

Finding yourself in a worrying situation with regards to your building security or any aspect of your building management can be a very anxious time. Our focus is to make sure you feel safe and secure that your situation is dealt with calmly and professionally.

Our super-efficient team will be on hand immediately without delay. We ensure all your needs are met so you can sit back, relax and know you are in safe hands.

Put people first

One of the most critical aspects of our mission here at LUNA is that we strive at all times to put people first. Buildings, of course, are part of a financial investment for all our customers, but our investment in people is the driving force of our company. You, the customer, is our priority. We will always work closely with you to make sure you can trust us with your property, whether it is your home or business premise. 

Keeping people safe and secure is at the core of our company's mission. The see the fruits of our mission in the way we build safer communities. Let's now take a final look at how.

Caring for the Community

Only by being active in our local community by providing a quality building management service, we will be helping to care for people, homes, and businesses. Building a sense of belonging, and a commitment to bring local areas together with a sense of safety and protection is one of our core values and at the heart of everything we do.


We hope you have enjoyed our article. LUNA Management uses a successful blend of caring for people, along with the most innovative and fresh security and building management systems. 

We guarantee to protect the most significant investments you will ever make: your family, your home, your business premises and your staff.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly and talented team, we would really look forward to speaking to you. 

'We guarantee to protect the greatest investments you will ever make. Your family, your home, your business premises and your staff.'