Asset Management for Building Managers





A Building Manager needs to provide strategic and tactical maintenance programmes to ensure optimal operations of all plant and equipment. Creating an asset register has significant features which include allocating building assets to the balance sheet and knowing what assets and trades are required to maintain, repair and replace components.

The Building or Facilities Manager is required to understand the regulatory compliance and operations of a building to create an optimal, safe and a ordable environment.

Strata managers v Building managers







Who does what?

SCA (NSW) is a fantastic independent organisation committed to serving the strata community through excellence.  We supporter SCA's commitment to the strata industry as we identify their harmonious approach to strata communities.

Strata Community Australia (SCA) provide a range of services to the strata communities through its strong ethical standards.

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Bringing a sense of community

Finding a close-knit community in big cities can be rare. The response I receive when I ask “what community do you belong to?” is more often than not, “my place of work” or “I’m part of an association”. Rarely do people identify their strata complexes (home) as a community.

With so many high-rise buildings and urban living on the rise, it’s surprising how people within these strata complexes feel more disconnected from their neighbour or community than ever.

I believe that creating a positive, harmonious environment and proactively connecting people within a development is now an essential attribute for any good Building Manager. The bi-product of creating a healthy community in your building is having a sense of caring for one another, heightening security, and bringing together common goals.