Strata managers v Building managers







Who does what?

SCA (NSW) is a fantastic independent organisation committed to serving the strata community through excellence.  We supporter SCA's commitment to the strata industry as we identify their harmonious approach to strata communities.

Strata Community Australia (SCA) provide a range of services to the strata communities through its strong ethical standards.

Check out this great article to learn about "who does what" in the world of strata, click here


Parking within a strata scheme

Building Managers need to clearly communicate to Owners; by-laws are there to protect everyone's best interests.

Owners or occupants wishing to park their car on common property (i.e. visitor parking, etc.) must seek prior approval from the Executive Committee. The written request will then be voted on at an Executive Committee meeting.

Understandably, with an undersupply of car spaces within strata schemes, requests are declined in most cases.  This is exacerbated by greater numbers of vehicles on our roads today.