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The Conscious Building Manager

LUNA was founded on the commitment to do right by people, communities, and the future of buildings. As Managing Director, my optimism for a bright future is what inspired me to cultivate a team of Building and Facilities Managers keen to add value to these three elements.

At LUNA, we believe that a well run, valued-centred business not only improves the experience for its customers, it can potentially influence the thoughts and behaviours of those within its reach to benefit the wider community, and ultimately, society as a whole. The aim with LUNA was to create a business that was going to make a positive difference to people, their homes, and their investments - not just for the present - for the entirety of their existence.

While visiting the States recently, I came across the popular Whole Foods franchise, (I recommend reading ‘Conscious Capitalism’ by Whole Foods Market cofounder John Mackey). Here was a business where the objectives were both relevant and of value to all that chose to engage with it, and their philosophy also resonated strongly within me:

“A force that enhances the health and wellbeing of all. A company that will outgrow me.” 

Building A Positive Strata Community

Tips on how to build a positive Strata Community

Building a positive community is looking beyond yourself and your close circle of family and friends.  We need to be little more tribal in the sense that we can have better success in numbers for health, security, and overall well-being.  It's the building blocks of how we survived and thrived historically as humans. 

I will start by sharing something special witnessed by many over the weekend.  The multi-talented, yet humble, sportsman Sonny Bill Williams' star shone when he demonstrated a random act of kindness.  Moments after the gold medal presentation for his Rugby World Cup win with the All Blacks, he is seen passing on his medal to a young All Blacks fan.  Williams gave the boy his medal after security had tackled him for running on to the pitch seeking an autograph.

Do you need a Building Manager?

Building Managers are essential.

"Having both a good strata manager and a building manager will ultimately secure a better return on your investment," managing director of Luna Management, Dino Biordi said. 

"Your home - usually your biggest investment - is far too valuable not to be managed by professionals who have your best interests at heart and can save you heartache and money.  

"A building cannot operate optimally without a strong, cohesive strata and building management team. While the owners corporation give the overall direction, the strata and building manager's functions are both critical and fundamental to the operational success of any building development."

Take a look at the full article @ Stratalive 

Bringing a sense of community

Finding a close-knit community in big cities can be rare. The response I receive when I ask “what community do you belong to?” is more often than not, “my place of work” or “I’m part of an association”. Rarely do people identify their strata complexes (home) as a community.

With so many high-rise buildings and urban living on the rise, it’s surprising how people within these strata complexes feel more disconnected from their neighbour or community than ever.

I believe that creating a positive, harmonious environment and proactively connecting people within a development is now an essential attribute for any good Building Manager. The bi-product of creating a healthy community in your building is having a sense of caring for one another, heightening security, and bringing together common goals.