Stress-free Building Management that preserves and protects your investment

 Because you expect the best when it comes to your home and work spaces.


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Are you looking for a professional Building Manager who is proactive and passionate about maintaining your property?

We know the importance of honest and clear communication to deliver the most innovative, efficient and effective service for the entire lifecycle of every task.

LUNA Building Managers take an integrated approach to your development by;

  • ensuring building compliance and safety are maintained
  • providing cost-effective options to prolonging the life of your assets
  • implementing and upholding strata by-laws with a personal touch
  • working together in achieving the owners "vision" and in creating a positive community

To ensure the highest level of standards are established and maintained, we follow a standard operating procedure (SOP) that is aligned with the Australian Building Management Accreditation guidelines. This ensures your facilities and infrastructure function as they are intended to, subsequently prolonging the assets lifecycle and reducing your overall operating costs.




At LUNA we believe in the power of people. We believe that placing the right people, in the right place, at the right time, helps us make a difference to people's work spaces, home places and lives.


Building Management System

The BMS software provides the best opportunity to develop tailored solutions for managing your property. It's designed to allow Building Managers to manage effectively the buildings most valuable asset and, in turn, ensure the value and quality are sustained.


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Caves and huts to which we humans once lived didn't require much maintenance other than shooing away lurking predators. Today, buildings are living organisms, in a constant state of change (flux) providing protection, workspace, and comfort space for humans and often pets too. Like most organisms, if neglected, a building may present with unpredictable and undesirable outcomes - or even come to the end of its life prematurely.

Regular and thorough maintenance of your building and its assets equates to healthier buildings, healthier communities, and healthier people. Buildings must undergo a maintenance program to ensure they remain compliant, safe, and secure for all inhabitants.


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