Giving Back

What are you doing?

We live in a world of abundance. There is no need to accumulate and hold on to everything you have. When in search of a higher meaning, there is no denying that the legacy you leave in the world is all about the impact you had on others. The contribution you make to other humans will not only provide an impact in people's lives but a greater potential to impact your own life.

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Security in Strata Buildings







Security in Strata Buildings

When dealing with a new development, one of the the first assets LUNA is interested in scrutinising is the security system, specifically the Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV).

Strata Committees are pulled in many directions with regards as to where to tighten budgets or invest, and this can often stall decision-making and progress. Numerous options placed on the table and/or large upfront costs can paralyze Strata Committees; however, no blame can be placed for careful consideration. More careful consideration when decision-making is crucial - not only to result in the best outcome given the current conditions - but also to help insulate the Strata Committee from any criticism that can follow on from taking specific actions.

If you own a home in a Strata Building, to maintain the value of your asset, your top priority should be residential and community safety.