The Internet of Things

The “Internet of things” (IoT) has the potential to impact how we live and work.  The concept of the IoT is the connection of any device you can think of to a WiFi connection ready for full control and automation.  The IoT will be a giant network of connected “things” including the relationship between people-people, people-things, and things-things. The main advantages include greater efficiencies with communication and monitoring but most importantly, it saves money. Having a Building Management System (BMS) on your development is fast becoming a minimum requirement to reach the buildings operational success.


The BMS software solution MYBOS provides the best opportunity to develop tailored solutions for managing your property. It's designed to allow Building Managers to manage effectively the buildings most valuable asset and, in turn, ensure the value and quality are sustained.

MYBOS also provides a private, amenity-rich web portal that includes updated information about their property,  community and neighbourhood. Additionally, owners and occupants can interact with the  Building Managers enabling the logging of required repairs, parcel request, work orders and bookings. You will have complete coverage and tracking of all activities on site including any defect work. Furthermore, all documentation is backed up on the cloud which systematises any disaster recovery requirements.



Through the BMS, we produce clear, concise and detailed monthly reports that outline the buildings activities, corrective maintenance and incidences. Although we have strict policies, we are flexible with the process of written reports allowing the format you require.  With our reports, we include the annual maintenance schedule illustrating the completion of the various serviceable assets.